Capturing Life's Precious Moments

John Jr. and Angel Elicker

CLiProS, or "Celebration of Life Production Studios LLC" is located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

CLiProS is about capturing you, with your family, the beautiful or sublime subject, and transforming that moment into wall art for your home or office.

We specialize in professionally lit and edited, studio-style, location, and environmental portraiture featuring family milestones meant for prominent display to enjoy forever.

Our post-shoot offerings include a wide variety of professional mounting, framing, and image groupings, that will transform a wall into an artful and meaningful display that will excite and move you. You'll want to invite your friends and family over just to see it!

Professionally designed photo albums that inevitably become cherished heirlooms are an important part of our repertoire as well.

I LOVE photography! I have a passion for the arts in general. Music has touched my soul since childhood. But there has always been a mystique about photography for me. The idea that an image of a smiling (or crying) newborn child, family portrait, graduating senior portrait, fashion, sensual boudoir, beautiful landscape lit by a breathtaking sunrise, or capturing a special life event, can stir sentimental emotions of the viewer and brings to life the moment to experience again and again fascinates me.

So let's Celebrate Life together! Contact CLiProS for your next family or senior portrait, engagement photos, gift for your significant other, or special event for a meaningful and quality product that will become a family heirloom.

John & Angel

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